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What type of pieces or patterns can be cast using X-SIL?

You can use wax, 3D printed resins or plastic pieces and patterns.

Do I still need to wear respiratory protection whilst using X-SIL Technology product?

X-SIL Technology products are not classified as hazardous, however as with all products of a dusty nature it is recommended that adequate respiratory protection is worn if the operative will be exposed to a higher level of respiratory dust than the local workplace exposure limit (see SDS and local work exposure regulations).

Investing Procedure

The investing procedure remains the same for vacuum mixing and conventional hand mixing using the same standard equipment currently used in any jewellery manufacturing operations.

Can I add Boric to X-SIL to cast stones?

We do not recommend adding Boric to X-SIL for casting stones.

Water : Powder Ratios

The Water / Powder ratio recommended for best results is between 36 – 38 parts water to 100 parts powder (36-38:100) for machine mixing or between 38 – 40 parts water to 100 parts powder (38-40:100) for hand mixing.

Burnout Cycle

Burnout cycle remains the same as regular investment powder, meaning casters do not have to modify any burnout procedure. Can be used in all current burnout furnaces.


Suitable to cast all non-precious and precious alloys including High Palladium White gold, however it is not suitable for Platinum or Steel casting.

Clean Off

X-SIL has been fully tested to make sure quench and clean off is excellent in all working conditions and with all non-precious and precious alloys.

Surface Finish

X-SIL has been engineered to at least match all cast surface finishes from our premium recipe investment powder range.

Investment Powder Storage

To be stored under standard investments powder conditions <30°C/86°F


X-SIL is a non-hazardous waste product to be disposed of in line with local authority regulations.